Accommodation in Dubai for foreign students
Once finalizing to study in Dubai, the next big task at hand is to start looking for the right accommodation. Here we bring you the various types of accommodation types available for you and their costs.
Accommodation in Germany for foreign students
While many of us know Germany is a technology hub that has abolished tuition fee for undergraduate and most post-graduate courses, what we don’t know is finding student accommodation in Germany isn’t easy.
Accommodation in UK for foreign students
Making the decision to go abroad for higher studies isn’t an easy one, because along with huge sums of money, there are many other key ingredients to be accounted for, including that of accommodation.
Accommodation in USA for foreign students
Finding the right accommodation in the US is a sticky issue, and students need to do some careful planning and research. If you need help to find the right accommodation, you can find all the necessary information here.
10 things to do while studying abroad
When studying abroad, there are a lot of things you can do apart from being a bookworm that will improve your world view and personality. Here you bring you 10 things that will grab your attention.
On-Campus vs. Off-Campus Accommodation Abroad
Finding the right accommodation, or to be more specific, deciding between off campus and off campus accommodation is a major headache for students. Here we simplify the process with some useful suggestions.
Accommodation in New Zealand for foreign Students
Accommodation cost takes up a major chunk of living cost in most international destinations, including New Zealand. So, you need to know your options so as not to lose track of your money.
Accommodation in Canada for Foreign Students
Accommodation cost is the single most expensive item under cost of living in most international destinations, including Canada. So, you must weigh your options carefully as the right choice can save you thousands of dollars.
Homestay Programme: Why you should opt for a Homestay Programme when in the USA
There are a number of options for lodging in USA. Here we give you a brief on one of the popular choices: Homestay Programmes.
Tips to find best accommodation abroad
Here are some tips that will help you to find the best accommodation in the host country while going abroad for higher studies.


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