Education Fair: How to make use of it?
Are you interested to study in UK or US? Here are tips to hunt for right course, institute.
Fake degrees: Don't fall into trap
Sham institutes often use credible sounding names. Consulting recognized bodies may help you.
Is your foreign degree valid?
Start by checking out with accreditation agencies. check here to know is your foreign degree valid or not
Earning a degree abroad, the know-how
From searching for the right university to getting a visa, a several questions pop up.
Study in Italy: Admission and visa guideline
Land of creativity welcomes technology as well.
Study in Switzerland: Admission and visa guidelines
All doctoral degree-granting research universities in Switzerland are very demanding.
Germany: Admission and visa guidelines
About 300 international degree programmes are taught in the federal nation.
Investigation: Beware of consultants!
Careers360 correspondent goes undercover and chronicles the study abroad racket of a leading counselling company.
Components of the admission application
A step-by-step guide to putting together an application package.
How to apply to American Universities?
Variety, flexibility and quality of an American education draw students in large numbers.


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