WHAT to highlight in a resume?
Your resume should be attractive, easy to read, well organized and concise. Read the tips to know what to highlight in a resume.
Guide: How to stylise your Resume
Don't forget to have your resume critiqued by at least one person. Read here the tips to stylise Resume.
Resume tips for MBA
A Resume for MBA is one of the vital elements of the application package for admission to MBA programmes abroad. We bring you the best tips to write a resume for MBA courses abroad.
Resume tips for MS
A letter of recommendation for MS is one of vital elements of the application package for admission to MS programmes abroad. We bring you the best tip to source and write a resume for MS courses abroad.
Difference between CV and Resume: Basic guide for graduate applications
A basic guide helping to decipher the main difference between CV and Resume. Along with differences, here are special tips to incorporate before you send the document.
How to write a Resume?
Resume plays an important role in deciding the admission of a candidate in a foreign university. Hence it is very important for a candidate to know the format of the resume. Read on to know more about what al things to be included in a perfect resume.
Tips to write a good resume
Read the most important tips to keep in mind while preparing the resume to get admission in your dream university.
Common mistakes in resume writing
Resume is a major element that decides the eligibility of the candidate to get into a foreign university. Know the common mistakes committed by students while writing resume.
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