How to calculate and understand IELTS Scores
The English proficiency test is recognised all over the globe, with over 9,000 organisations including educational institutions, employers, immigration authorities, government and professional bodies.
Top Education Loan Providers in India to study abroad
Education loans for studying abroad are provided by almost all the major banks in India. To provide you a nut-shell view, we present below names of some of the Top Education Loan Providers in India to study abroad.
MBA scholarships for foreign students in UAE
Many students decide to study MBA in UAE because they have a scholarship sponsoring their studies. If you too are looking for a scholarship to study MBA in UAE, read on!
Study in UAE: Know all about best universities
While UAE was late to jump on the higher-education bandwagon, it has made rapid strides in the last decade or so and today has six universities in QS World University Rankings 2016/17.
Work after study in UAE
Post-study work opportunities in UAE is a major query among international students, because students want to be a part of the country’s thriving labor market and earn the necessary skill sets and also earn decent money.
Study in UAE - Admission Cycle
The UAE admission cycle can be tricky if not followed properly; the next thing is you could miss out on a deadline. Now who would want to miss out on a deadline? To overcome such obstacle, you first have to understand the UAE admission cycle.
Best places to live and study in Dubai
How do you decide, which are the best places to live and study in Dubai? There are few elements that you have to consider before finalising the place to live and study in Dubai, like the university, accommodation nearby and basic amenities like grocery and medical services.
Study architecture in Dubai: Give an edge to your B.Arch degree
If you want to study architecture Dubai is one of the best places to pursue the course. Read more about why and where can you study architecture in Dubai
Highest paying courses in Dubai
While many of us know Dubai as a fun capital, not many know it is on its way to becoming an academic powerhouse in Gulf region. Many again don’t know which courses bring in the maximum moolah!
Cost of studying engineering in Dubai
Pursuing engineering in Dubai has its own perks from affordable tuition fees to exposure to international community to work opportunities. The avail these perks you need to pick university and MBA programme that best meets your requirement.


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