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MBA in Top Business Schools

MBA in Top Business Schools-
An MBA is, perhaps, one of the most widely pursued programmes by international students across the World.  According to a survey by QS, 43% of the internationally bound students opt for FAME- Finance, Accounting, Business and Management subjects- annually, which make up for the largest chunk. One of the major factors behind the popularity of MBA is the high return on investment promised to MBA graduates. In its yearly survey, Bloomberg has found that the median pay of MBA graduates who switched fields increased by almost $55,000, which means a massive 85% growth over their pre-MBA compensations.

However, the given the fat pay packages MBA graduates receive, it is also one of the costliest programmes to pursue abroad with the average expenses going upwards $50,000 annually. Further, in education centres like USA and UK, the cost can go upwards, $70,000. Before applying for a business school abroad, it is very important that you calculate the MBA fees in top business schoolsas against the packages promised in the field. After all, an MBA is an investment on your future and the returns should compensate the investment you make on the programme.

Here we bring you the MBA fees for top business schools across the globe covering mainly 6 countries- USA, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Singapore.

Read below to find the cost of studying MBA in top business schools in the World:


USA- MBA Fees in Top Business Schools

The US has been, for a long time, a central point for MBA for students across the World. As such, calling it one of the most attractive destinations for pursuing MBA would not be wrong. The country boasts some of the best names for management studies like Harvard and Stanford. While being a graduate from any of the top business schools in US does promise you a plump job with the best salary packages anywhere in the world, the cost of studying MBA in USA could set you back by over $60,000 in just tuition fees.


However, the steep costs are definitely recoverable given that fact that MBA graduates from US universities are paid some of the highest packages in the World. In fact, the average total compensation offered by employers in North America increased by 15% to $128,600 in 2014-15.

MBA in Top Business Schools in USA- Tuition Fee



Tuition fees (annual)

Stanford Graduate School of Business

21 months


Harvard Business School

24 months


Kellogg School of Management- Northwestern University

24 months


Booth School of Business -University of Chicago

21 months


Tuck School of Business- Dartmouth College

24 months


Australia- MBA Fees in Top Business Schools

Australia has definitely been giving education giants like US and UK some serious competition when it comes to attracting international students to its shore, especially, to pursue MBA. Also, though fewer in number compared to US, Australia is home to many top ranked business schools in the world like the Melbourne Business School and the Sydney Business School.

While Australia is considered to be one of the costliest study destinations for international students, the cost of studying MBA Australia is, however, lower than that of US. On an average, the annual MBA fees in business schools in Australia is around $55,000.


MBA in Top Business Schools in Australia- Tuition Fee



Total Tuition Fees(US$)

Melbourne Business School, The University of Melbourne

I year


AGSM MBA, University of New South Wales

16 months


College of Business and Economics, Australian National University ANU

2 years

$54,867 (annual)

La Trobe Business School, La Trobe University

1.5 year


Monash Business School, Monash University

2 years


Canada- MBA Fees in Top Business Schools

Canada is a popular destination to explore both education and work opportunities. The country boasts a list of quality business schools like Rotman School of Management and Ivey Business School, which feature in almost all the major rankings of the world. Majority of the full-time MBA programmes in Canada are less than 2 years in duration which also explains their low fees compared to the other countries. However, there are some wide variations within the MBA programmes offered in the country. Eg, MBA fees in Canada can go as low as around CAD$31,000 and as high as CAD $94,000.

MBA in Top Business Schools in Canada- Tuition Fee



Total Tuition Fees(US$)

Rotman School of Management-University of Toronto

2 years


Ivey Business School- University of Western Ontario

2 years


Sauder School of Business-University of British Columbia

16 months


Desautels Faculty of Management- McGill University

20 months


HEC Montréal

1 year


UK- MBA Fees in Top Business Schools

Besides US, the United Kingdom is another destination which is most sought after for management studies. In fact, a large number of international students both from EU and non EU countries flock to UK every year to enroll at UK universities. And why not? UK not boasts of some of the grandest and oldest universities in the World but also some of the top business schools which offer quality education and promise some of the best packages for MBA graduates. Like the business schools in US, UK is, too, an expensive destination for business studies with most schools charging upwards $70,000. The relieving factor here is that most of the business programmes are offered for 1 year.

MBA in Top Business Schools in UK- Tuition Fee



Tuition fees(£)

London Business School

15 to 21 months


University of Cambridge: Judge

1 year


University of Oxford: Saïd

1 year


Imperial College Business School

1 year


Alliance Manchester Business School

18 months


New Zealand- MBA Fees in Top Business Schools

While only in the nascent stage, New Zealand is steadily carving its way into the group of countries attracting the most number of international students to its shore. While majority of the international students enrolled in New Zealand are engaged with Private Training Establishments (PTEs) and Polytechnics, a number of students have started to explore the business schools. Like, Australia, New Zealand is one of those countries whose business schools give more weight to the work experience of the students rather than the GMAT score. New Zealand’s business schools are, however, comparatively, cheaper to Australia and US.

MBA in Top Business Schools in New Zealand- Tuition Fee



Tuition fees

University of Auckland Business School - University of Auckland

2  years


Auckland University of Technology School of Business - Auckland University of Technology

12-18 months


University of Waikato Management School - University of Waikato

1 year


Massey College of Business - Massey University

2 years


Victoria University Faculty of Commerce and Administration - Victoria University of Wellington

16 months


Canterbury University College of Business and Economics - University of Canterbury

15 months


Singapore- MBA Fees in Top Business Schools

While countries like USA and Australia have been tried and tested, a new breed of international students are exploring fresh destinations like Singapore to give an edge to their MBA degree. And why not? Singapore boasts some of the best names in management studies like INSEAD, National University of Singapore and Nanyang Technological University to name a few. The MBA structures in the business schools have been developed on the western model but aims to specialize on the emerging Asian economy which gives its business schools a fine edge over other universities across the globe. While still expensive, Singapore business school charge comparatively lower tuition fees than business schools in USA or Australia with the average tuition fee standing around $40,000.

MBA in Top Business Schools in Singapore- Tuition Fee




National University of Singapore(NUS)

17 months

$ 43068

Nanyang Technological University (NTU)

12 months

$ 38205

Singapore Management University (SMU)

12 months

$ 43,213

SIM University

18 months



10 months

$ 77,232

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