Know the Fees for MBA in Top Business Schools



With the economic slowdown, Government austerity measures and rising costs, one of the most affected sectors is the study abroad sector. The falling currencies in developing countries like India have further made foreign education more of a dream for the middle class. In such scenarios, aspiring candidates not only consider an institute’s reputation, admission requirements, quality of education and career prospects, but also keep the fees of the course as a major criterion. To help candidates make a wiser decision we give you a study to know the fees for MBA in Top Business Schools across the world.

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According to a survey, MBA is the most widely pursued educational programme among international students all over the globe. It being a professional educational programme, candidates pay more attention to the ROI (Return on Investment) factor while choosing their B School. So, the cost of MBA is one of the deciding factors for the popularity of B Schools among international students. Although in a lot of cases the average starting salary for MBA together with the MBA fees give a better picture, the students from middle class families of developing countries give more weightage to the fees for MBA while taking their decision.

An analysis of the tuition fees for MBA in top B Schools across the world shows that the cost of MBA does not depend on the rankings or the average starting salary they offer. Neither can they be directly related to their region. The fees of MBA of a B School mostly depend on the economy of their home country. As observed, the MBA fees of top B Schools in North America and Europe are of a similar range, whereas the cost of MBA in top B Schools from the Asia-Pacific region, are from a similar range.

Below is a graphical representation of the fees for MBA in Top Business Schools across the world. Whereas in case of B Schools in USA, Canada and Europe, tuition fees do not include study material costs, most MBA tuition fees in Asia-Pacific region include them.

# The data published is taken from various sources. There is no guarantee on the authenticity of the data.

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