Top Scholarships for Engineering Students
There are many top scholarships for engineering students that can help them fulfill their dreams of pursuing an engineering course of their choice. Read here in detail about different engineering scholarships available for students.
Top engineering specialisations in the world
Engineering is one of the most sought after courses among students across the World. Read about the top engineering specialisations and top universities in the world.
Top 100 Engineering Colleges in World 2017
Know the Top Engineering Colleges in the World based on THE World Engineering Colleges Ranking 2014.
Highest paying courses in Dubai
While many of us know Dubai as a fun capital, not many know it is on its way to becoming an academic powerhouse in Gulf region. Many again don’t know which courses bring in the maximum moolah!
Cost of studying engineering in Dubai
Pursuing engineering in Dubai has its own perks from affordable tuition fees to exposure to international community to work opportunities. The avail these perks you need to pick university and MBA programme that best meets your requirement.
Top reasons to study B.Tech in Dubai
Whether you are studying in Dubai or someplace else, B.Tech retains its position as one of the most popular disciplines. Here we argue why Dubai can be an ideal location for your B.Tech degree
Top civil engineering colleges in Dubai
Civil engineering has huge scope in Dubai with the city making big investments in construction projects. Studying in a top engineering college in Dubai definitely gives you an edge in this regard. We bring you the top civil engineering colleges in Dubai.
Study Civil Engineering in Dubai
A large number of international students in Dubai opt for engineering as it is one of the top courses. If you are interested in civil engineering, one of its major disciplines, we bring you tuition fee and other key details.
Top engineering colleges in Germany
The article brings you the top 5 engineering colleges in Germany with its top universities and tuition fees.
Top engineering colleges in Australia
The article brings you the top 5 engineering colleges in Australia with its top universities and tuition fees.


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